5 steps
Step 1

Choose your wine

Select your choice from amongst our vast selection of products, from Sangria to fruit wines, crisp whites and delightful reds, to rosés and dessert wines.

Each kit produces 30 bottles and you will be able to make your own wine starting at only 4.30$ per bottle.

Our experienced advisors will guide you in finding the right product for your needs.

Step 2

Initiate your cuvee process

Start your wine batch with the help and instruction of our experienced advisors.

You can develop your own recipe according to your tastes by adding some oak, tannin, elderberries or any other ingredients to find your perfect match.

Step 3

Bottle your wine

Bottle your wine once it is ready. You can do the bottling in our store with all the necessary equipment supplied.  It is a simple, fast, unique and pleasant experience.

Step 4

Age your wine

Age your wine at home. It is important to age your wine so you can appreciate all the aromas and flavors.

First of all, it will be necessary to leave all your bottles standing during the first 48 hours and then put them horizontally so the corks stay wet. Keep in a cool place, away from strong smells, vibrations, and direct sunlight. According to the quality and the type of the wine, an ageing of between 3 and 9 months is recommended.

Enjoy your wine with friends and family!

Step 5

When you savour your wine, it’s important to let it aerate to get the maximum flavor. You can use a decanter or an aerator; also your wine must be at the right temperature, which is slightly cool for reds and fresher for rosés and whites. You will amaze your family and friends.