About us

About us

At La Goutte de Vin, our purpose is to assist you throughout the entire wine-making process in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

History of the company

Our adventure began about fifteen years ago. In the beginning, we were a small water distillery store, but we soon offered new services with our passion for great wines. Combined with a good quality of water, our customers could make their own superb wines at competitive prices.

Over the years, this passion was transformed into a large family-owned company in the production of home-made wines. We are looking forward to the next generation of wine-makers in our family business, and most importantly, we would like to thank you, our clients, for your encouragement! See you soon!


Rjs logo

The RJS Craft Winemaking Academy is a network of the best and most passionate winemakers and retailers across the country.  RJS Academy stores are committed to providing exceptional products, services, and the best craft winemaking experience to consumers.

The RJS Academy collectively aims to build a sustainable and quality craft winemaking industry through standards and consistency. They provide consumers the ultimate retail and on premise winemaking experience.

Our store is proud to have been selected to be part of the great RJS family.


Enjoy the tasting!